(Low Level Radio Frequency)

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Research Plans

-Digital RF stabilization system
-Xilinx Zynq-7000 based
-High reliability with excellent performance
-EPICS ready
-Configurable to specific accelerator’s needs

  • Low Level Radio Frequency spec(RF Board)
Channel Parameter Unit Value Condition
RF Channel Frequency MHz Mentioned Individually
RF Reference MHz 81.25
Number of
RF Input Channel
4 3 RF Input (SMA)
1 RF Reference (SMA)
Number of
RF Output Channel
1 for Rebuncher, QWR, HWR
2 for RFQ
Input Impedance Ohm 50
RF Output Range dBm -40 ~ 0
RF Input Range dBm -40 ~ 0 Limiter@10 dBm
RF Reference Input Range dBm -10 ~ 5 Limiter@10 dBm
RF Input Monitoring Port 4 SMA
Programmable Attenuator dB ~30 Digitally Controllable
(min step ≦ 1dB,
min attenuation : 0dB)
Crosstalk dB <-60 Among RF Inputs
DAC Resolution bits ≧16
ADC Sampling MSPS ≧125 JESD204B or Serial LVDS
Resolution bits ≧16
PLL RMS Jitter fs < 90
Aux ADC Sampling MSPS ~1
Resolution bits 12
Channel ≧2
Aux DAC Resolution bits 12
Channel 1